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With the onset of suburban flight from the city we saw a decline of the inner city downtown corridor.  Looking to the cyclical nature of decline and renewal; today many cities’ downtowns are in a state of growth and gentrification.  To maintain the quality of city life, these renewed areas must contain all aspects of living. With its strong setting in the middle of a growth bed in San Diego, you are a walk or trolley stop away from anything San Diego has to offer.  Park Village is a place to call home; containing activity and serenity at the same time.

Due to the disconnect between suburban and urban life, the sense of place in one’s life is lost.  Our choices are the city or suburbia, lest we live in the middle of nowhere.  Architects as a whole have given up on residential projects and let developers and contractors be the creators of this type of built environment.  With this disconnect in life, along with the disassociation of the architect and builder, we can see where the problem arises.

The inhabitable sculpture at Park Village would respect not only design and functionality, but foster a sense of place through its community courtyards, public open space, shopping centers, dining areas, recreational spas and fitness levels.  This new community proposal is truly a place to call home; a serene community environment in the heart of urban San Diego.

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