The Park Village development is intended to act as a unifying element in the urban atmosphere of downtown San Diego’s East Village.  From the organic canopy providing not only sculptural vibrancy and shading but developing a cohesive fabric that links the character of the main built forms to neighboring structures, past, present and future; Park Village is a way to bring the best of the suburban and urban elements that people crave to one place.

The tower component is a conduit for individuality that allows people to buy their own “piece of land in the sky” to build whatever type of residence feels like home inside of its concrete structure.  The base midrise development and master planned areas offer a more affordable rental housing element while acting as an income generating machine.  These two uses bring people and life from multiple backgrounds to an area that already has the potential for a neighborhood feel.  By the inclusion of retail and hospitality elements throughout the base streetscape and strategically located throughout the tower; activity and place achieve a growth-bed.  Public and private open spaces are allowed to coexist throughout the development.  The main public court joins the transit hub and all three development areas with a link to downtown and the ball park; for a vibrant and active feel.  Private courtyards for the residential elements appear throughout the entire development via the inclusion of roof-top decks and interior gardens.  The park/yard setting for retreat into your own space; combined with the individual design freedom, many of the levels allow offer suburban benefits without leaving the city at large.

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