Superstructure Specs

As illustrated in the drawings and models, the developments superstructure is comprised of cast-in-place concrete.  Columns are sized at 4’ by 1’ and are spaced at 27’ centers.  All main building slabs are 9-3/4” thickness with a 12’ floor-to-floor height.  Slab beams are placed where needed for an increase in spans.  All vertical circulation shafts serve additionally as shear and bearing walls for the super-structure.  All wall partitions are desired to be akin to SIP design, as illustrated with the off-site construction techniques implemented.  Off-site fabrication of wall partitions and skin allows for increased efficiency of the build along with decreased construction site waste.  Photovoltaic’s from Octillian Corp. are designed to provide 70% of Park Village development’s energy needs.   Mechanical systems used throughout the project are as follows:  Geared and gearless traction elevators, for the different elevator shafts and their corresponding heights.  To satisfy climate comfort needs, a heat pump system, along with split systems for each apartment can be incorporated.  The heat pump system will be a standard issue with individual exchangers for each of the larger spaces.

The exterior facade is partly clad in metal panels by Alluco-Bond, for clean reflective lines that travel across the horizon line.  Stone cladding is used at the street to act as an anchor, while giving a nod to the past warehouse construction of the area.  For residential rental units, stucco is the finish material of choice for its durability to cost and finish characteristics.  All eastern, southern and westward facing glazing is comprised of Octillian Corp. building integrated transparent P.V.  Off-site wall partitions are comprised of two different options; the first is a precast concrete panel finished off to look akin to old weather-worn brick; the second is the aforementioned pre-fab panel made of metal studs, rigid insulation and OSB, allowing the final finish to be applied on an as needed cost basis.  These materials along with systems and structure help the entire development to be designed to achieve a potential LEED gold rating.

Park Village would provide a vibrant place for life in all open community areas; while creating a signature building that unites the best of downtown with the good qualities suburbia has to offer.  The character of the streetscape and building facade relates on a human as well as city-wide scale to San Diego’s past and present; with the sculptural forms of the development looking to the future.  Park Village is inhabitable sculpture; rejoining the urban and suburban environment.

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